Wills & Estate Planning

Josh understands that you have worked hard for your assets. Therefore, it is important to have a will in order to ensure that that your estate is optimized. A well-drafted will ensures that your wishes are followed, can reduce family conflict, and can minimize taxes and fees. Further, a will is an ever-evolving document. It is vital that you revisit the document upon major changes in your life, such as marriage, divorce, or the purchase or sale of an expensive asset. Josh will work with you to ensure that your estate is left in good hands. Legal services that Josh offers includes, but are not limited to:

  • Drafting Simple and Complex Wills
  • Review Wills
  • Draft Codicils (Amendment to a Will)
  • Continuing Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  • Continuing Power of Attorney for Property
  • Estate Planning


"I asked Josh Rosenberg to review my will and powers of attorney that were prepared by another lawyer some years ago.  He thoroughly reviewed the documents and found that they were satisfactory and did not require updating.  I feel Josh is very knowledgeable and I am now more confident about the adequacy of my documents.  I would certainly consult with Josh on any future legal matters."


Yvette L.